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As a first time extension guest with me, you'll receive a little extra time in my chair to ensure we have a detailed discussion prior to beginning your service. We will have the opportunity to discuss aftercare, and create the most seamless blend between your hair and the extensions so no one will ever know you're wearing them.


Initial install appointments are personalized with 4 essential parts: length & amount of wefts, number of rows needed to achieve your goals, customized color & cut to blend seamlessly with your hair, and proper after care education & products to maintain your extensions between move ups.


Ready to experience the ease and confidence of hand-tied tape-in hair extensions for yourself? Click the link below to fill out my digital form so I can create a customized quote based on your specific hair goals. I cannot wait to see you in my chair.

What to expect

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Maintenance & Application

Price and amount needed to apply depends on your hair density, length and your overall goal.

 Extensions must be properly maintained to prevent any damage.

Maintenance I required is somewhere between 6-8 week, depending on your hair.

Going past the recommended maintenance suggested schedule will cause breakage, matting, tension, slipping and extension damage. 

The average life span of tape-in extensions is 3 re-tapes, depending on how well they are taken care of . I am not responsible for  improper  at home care  including not using recommended products  for home care. 

Installation Day

At this appointment t,  I will apply your rows with a general placement and have you wear it for 6-8 weeks.

Installation also requires a blending cut on the extensions to blend them into your natural hair.


I will show you how to properly style and maintain your investment at home. We will also schedule all maintenance appointments to ensure you stay on track.

Tape-In Hair Packages


Cost of the actual extensions varies on how many packs are needed to achieve goal look.


Initial Install 



Includes pre-installation cleanse & prep, custom placement installation, haircut & style.   


Removal & Re-Install 


Removal  & Re-prep



Extensions are removed carefully, old tape is removed, washed, treated, dried and re-taped for your re-installation appointment. Your hair is cleaned , dried and styled as well.  Price will vary depending on how many wefts you have. If you have more than 2 packs of wefts, the cost of removal and re-prep will be $180 + $60 per extra pack. 




This appointment cannot be booked the same day as removal due to the amount of care that is needed to re-prep. Your hair is cleaned, prepped and extensions are placed back into the hair and is ready to wear for 6-8 weeks. 

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