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I'm here to

achieve your healthy, dream hair goals. 
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I have been in the industry for 11 years. I attended Cosmetology school my junior year of high school and it was the best decision my teenage self could have ever made.​


I started my career at this cute little place that I call home, Salon Bellissimo. It is a charming salon that allows me to expand my personal brand as a stylist and maintain fun relationships with my clients! 

Confession! I'm a secret tech geek and I spend my free time taking social media and online marketing strategies from today's leading experts.

​I have created this website because I wanted a place to connect with my current and future clients to better help serve you beyond the chair. 


You see, success for me isn't just creating great hair. Success for me is seeing you love your hair! I want to get to know you and your vision. I want to make sure that your experience with me is a positive one, one that leaves you feeling great.

My passion is to transform your hair into your dream hair goals with the help of customized color, gentle lightener, bond rebuilder and the right products to care for your hair at home!

​Head over to the new guest page  to learn how you can achieve the low maintenance, healthy hair of your dreams!


xoxo, Gina

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